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Anne Milligan, artist

Wall Murals in Louisville, Kentucky
Here is one of my most recent wall murals, for a residence in Louisville, Kentucky which I completed and installed in April of 2017. The homeowner who commissioned the mural had some crafted tropical fish hanging on the wall and wanted a mural to match the fish. That was a fun challenge! This mural is 85" high. If you are in the Louisville Kentucky area, and are interested in a mural for your home or business, please feel free to send me an email with your idea or request:

Prices for murals depend on square footage of the space for the mural.

About my Wall Murals Artwork

I, Anne Milligan, am currently based in Louisville, Kentucky. I design and paint wall murals of varying sizes in restaurants, cafes, on the sides of barns, fences, etc. The short video shown above dipslays some of my work.


  • Children's bedrooms 
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Outside sides of buildings
  • Background for plant section in a sunroom 
  • Hotel lobbies
  • MANY more!!!


Pricing for Murals

My average rate is $20-30 per square foot, plus the cost of paint and supplies. Prices vary according to complexity of design and the wall space itself. Creating and Painting Wall Murals can be extremely labor intensive because it includes both the time and effort to create the design with you in mind, and also the actual painting itself. However, a wall mural is a work of art which can last for years, becoming a fixture in your business or home environment.




Themed Settings

The painting shown on the left is an example of how I can create themed paintings (such as oceans) as wall murals in homes, restaurants, cafes, business offices, lobbies, etc.

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