New Painting
Anne Milligan, 2019

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The oil painting above is an oil painting I just finished in May of 2019. It was inspired when I walked by a lovely little yarn shop in LaGrange, Kentucky and all the ladies were having a grand ole time knitting, crocheting, etc. the name of the painting is "Sewing Circle" just because I like the sound of it, and how it brings up a feeling of nostalgia for simpler times in rural communities all over the land.

"Bullfrog Pond"
Oil Painting. 2018.

"Garden with Bridge"
(Beautiful ornate gold frame).

"Sewing Circle"
12" x 16"

8" x 8"

(8"x 8")

Oil Painting, 2019.


"Old Church Window"

"Red Hat Lady"
Oil Painting. 2018.

"The Composer"
Oil Painting. 2017.

Oil Painting by Anne Milligan, 2018.

"Island Sunset"
30" x 40"

World's Fair Park Oil Painting 2018 (SOLD)
World's Fair Park Oil Painting 2018 (SOLD)


"Full Moon Sunset"
Oil Painting. 2018.

"Island Sunset in Peach"
Oil Painting. 2017.

“Fancy Shawl Dance”

“Fancy Shawl Dance”

Oil Painting, 2017. [SOLD]

Oil Painting, 2017 (SOLD)

"Floral in Reds"
Oil Painting, 2017. SOLD.

"Kayaking Floyd's Fork

Oil Painting (SOLD)

Custom Murals

Here is one of my most recent wall muralsfor a residence in Louisville, Kentucky which I completed and installed in April of 2017. The homeowner who commissioned the mural had some crafted tropical fish hanging on the wall and wanted a mural to match the fish. That was a fun challenge! This mural is 85" high. If you are in the Louisville Kentucky area, and are interested in a mural for your home or business, please feel free to send me an email with your idea or request:

Prices for murals depend on square footage of the space for the mural.

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